Bike tour to a Lugana wine cellar with GPS Navigation System

€ 45,00*
*Starting from 45€ per person

Max number of person: None

A short trip to visit a winery and taste some glasses of Lugana and Garda wines.

Easy difficulty route:
Length 16 Km
The difference in altitude 57 m
Estimated pedalling time about 2 hours.

The route develops in a ring starting from Desenzano to the Lugana hills and back.
The journey follows secondary roads with little traffic among the vineyards and is for the most part flat with some gentle slopes.

Along the way, it will be possible to visit the San Martino war memorial.

Tour prices start from € 45 per person

Info and reservation: 
(+39) 333 8844528 - info@gardatourlake.com